Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ridiculous behavior from a bright red Northeast tomato!

I decided to tell you one quick story, Today I decide that I don't want to be the only ghost white person in Arizona, so I'm gonna go tanning! Haven't done that since my late twenties, too many wrinkles, skin cancer risks, but captain dumb dumb decides to go anyway, what could 10 minutes in a tanning bed do?? So if anyone out there is watching the Ragnar relay and you see a bright, bright, red tomato go by, that will be me! Brilliant move on my part, my stomach is glowing red and I need to put a new infusion site in. I think I might actually try my big ole' Butt for the very first time, the thought of jabbing that needle in my stomach is terrifying me!! I'm sure I'll have much more dumb behavior in the next 10 days so stay tuned....:)
I have now added sunblock to my luggage!

Thanks Fred and Aaron!

Well I guess it's going to be another night without sleeping, I'm pretty used to it because of working nights for so long. You see, I have a 4am pickup to Philly airport and it's 2am already, why bother sleeping now, it will only make me feel worse. Might as well get one last blog in before I go!
I'm really excited, anxious, and guilty about my upcoming adventure.. a 10 day trip to Arizona to do Ragnar Relay with a bunch of other type 1's, and then off to Diabetic Training Camp, where it's a chance of a lifetime to learn from Dr.Matt and all my other Triabetic teammates, who seem to have this thing figured out so much better than me. Then off to Trifest sponsored by Trisports, one of our very cool Triabetes sponsors! So of course I'm excited about all of that. Then comes the nervous part, I was up 29 hours from Monday afternoon until Tuesday night. Now this morning by the time I get on the plane, I'll have been up 26 hours, then Friday will be Ragnar which I didn't plan to sleep at all, but I think I might have just sabotaged my plan. If only I didn't wait to pack until tonight!!! Thank gosh for caffeine!
Now the guilty part, do you know any mom who doesn't have guilt?? I'll be leaving my son and husband for 10 days, by far the longest I've ever gone without being with them, I feel pretty guilty over this, but they are both so supportive and always encourage me to be my own person, not just a wife and mom. I mean how lucky can I get? I have friends who will ask, Is your husband really OK with you going on all these triathlon trips? Yup, he really is, and without him I couldn't do it! My son is 15, but I know he will secretly miss me terribly, as I will him. So thanks boys, for eating canned soup and frozen meals for the next week, while I'm hanging with my diabetic people!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Spring Fever!

So today it was 63 degrees out! For the second time this week I was able to get a 30 mile ride in followed by a 5 mile run. My friend and I were so happy to be able to be doing a brick workout that didn't include the spin bike and dreadmill! Well since it's only been the second time on my bike since..well awhile..I thought I just was having a bad bike day, 5 miles into it I had no power. Half hour before the ride sugar was 117 so I had a banana and turned my basal to .15units/hr--about 1/2 hour into it sugar was 44-ate about 50 gms carbs 20 minutes later sugar is 59 ate another 25 gms carbs and finished with a sugar of 120. Second half of bike felt much stronger, it's amazing how your blood sugar affects everything. Before run I eat 2 handfuls (big handfuls) of chocolate chips, turn basal back to 0.7u finishing sugar 326! What did I learn, chocolate chips...not such a good idea!
16 days till I leave for Ragnar Relay and DTC camp, I feel like a kid counting down for Christmas!